IdeatorZ – Meitnerium EP

We are excited to start the year with a new artist on the label by way of Germany. IdeatorZ has been djing and pushing the Neurofunk sound since 2007. His goal is to help grow the neuro scene in Germany and we are happy to help!
For his first release on Patrol The Skies, IdeatorZ has given us 4 heavy-duty neuro tunes that we can’t wait for you to listen to! Every track on his “Meitnerium EP” tells a different story, from the stomping rolling tech vibes of “Haunted House” to the slick sounds of “Smell Ya” there is something for every lover of Neurofunk on this EP! So don’t wait around and download or stream the “Meiterum EP” today!

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As we close out 2019, we want to take this quick moment to say “Thank you” to everyone who supported Patrol the Skies Music this year. It has been an interesting year around the world filled with chaos and uncertainty, so we felt it was important to close out the year with something uplifting.
For this task, we enlisted one of the most exciting new artists on the label, ASHFLO.
The challenge was accepted and ASHFLO has given us three amazing drum and bass tracks full of energy and most importantly… positive vibes, starting with “See The Light”; a tune that reminds us that light will always follow a period of darkness, this one has anthem written all over it! If you are into dancefloor, liquid vibes this one is for you!  
Following “See the Light” is “Concrete” a nice bouncy song with beautiful melodies and pristine synth work. Lastly, ASHFLO ends his EP with “Rejuvenate” a stepper with a mid-tune switch up that will have your head bobbin!  
We think you will enjoy this EP and play these tunes during your NYE sets or while getting ready for your night out or house party!
We look forward to welcoming the new year with hope, love around the world and Drum and Bass!
See you in the dance,
Patrol the Skies Music


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Bad Martian is a new moniker of Dave Hauser previously known as Direct Feed and as part of the group Noize Komplaint. Bad Martian is a product of Dave’s accumulated studio knowledge over the years and we believe this is some of his best work to date. Martian Sunset ft Mag Mag is a killer vocal dancefloor tune that is very unique and full of energy, this one has been making the rounds on dub for quite some time and its time we unleash it to the rest of the world. Included in this release is a remix of Martian Sunset by non-other than WB x MB , these bass music veterans know how to get a party rocking! We look forward to more releases on the label from Bad Martian, in the meantime enjoy this banger!


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Noisefloor – Devotion EP The Nashville group known as Noisefloor shouldn’t be strangers to the Patrol The Skies squadron; they helped PTS celebrate the holidays a few years back with “Viewclear,” and before that had a stormer of a two-tracker (“Hiding In Plain Sight” ft. NVDR / “Space Gutter”) on the imprint. Most recently their first PTS release “My Heart” was remixed by American liquid dnb don, Random Movement. They’re back, fresh for 2019 with a four-track EP, Devotion, and it’s got heat for the home stretch of summer 2k19 written all over it. Kicking things off is “Devotion,” a drawn-out tune that is big on sprawling bass and heavy on vibes. The party kicks into high gear with the neurofunk stomper “It’s Subjective,” and really gets hectic with “The Pink Zero,” which feels like a jazz-infused student of Ed Rush and Optical’s Wormhole era. Things are taken down a notch for the final tune, “Ultra Duster,” which combines the moody funk and calm feels of the previous three tunes into one triumphant banger. Solid four tracker from this promising trio.


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With the summer about to be all John Blaze in the city, it’s only right that America’s original drum & bass don, Pish Posh, makes his grand return to Patrol the Skies with an explosive four-track EP. Opening the proceedings is the title track, “Watchers,” which is chock full of paranoia and ferocious bass. From the ominous sample in the beginning to the gnarly, hard-hitting drop, this one is primed and ready to start the dance. The ante is upped immediately with “Parasites,” a tune that feels like it beamed down from a distant planet to abduct your soul. The thunderous “They Swarm” slides in understated and cerebral, complete with a monster of a low-end. The true hypnotic sleeper of this release. Pish Posh winds this one down with “Innovation,” a throwback-feeling stomper that has “anthem” written all over it.

All in all, Pish Posh isn’t fucking around; snag these tunes ASAP and wreck up the party.


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As per usual, the Patrol the Skies camp is back with some new heat from a new producer. Coming to you all the way from Moscow is Walkway City with a single full of summer-ready DNB vibes. The single opens with “New is Always Better,” which really captures the fun of bright summer days into a raucous DNB number. Big room vibes here, with soaring vocals, memorable melodies, and a thunderous bassline. This is backed by “The Time Traveler,” which is a deeper, guitar-driven number that hits hard with meaty snares, yet still manages to bring some emotional vibes to the dance. We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this new talent to your eardrums (and your sets). Turn the bright on with these two.


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The UK-based ASHFLO might be a new name, but if you’ve been paying attention to what Patrol the Skies has been pushing, you’ve been getting eased into his zone. After dropping “Forever Young” on their Holiday 2018 EP, he dropped the triumphant groove of “Hideaway” at the end of March. One month later, and PTS has a two-tracker from ASHFLO charged up and ready to fly.

This release is chock full of anthemic vibes, which eek out in the opening stages of “Yellow.” The bright, bombastic tune packs a wallop of bass ‘n’ feels lead by a soft, commanding piano and a heap crispy drums. On the flip side, some soft guitars lead the driving “Horizons” into a motivating number that’s as perfect for the club as it is cruising across the land. If anything, this two-piece should put ASHFLO’s sound on the radar of DJs and soundboys the world over. Bang out!


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We are excited to give this tune a proper release. ASHFLO’s style is undeniable. “Hideaway” has been doing the rounds for quite some time, we think its a nice prelude to his forthcoming single Yellow/Horizons, coming soon!


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It’s funny how things can come full circle. Cleveland, Ohio’s own KC has been a force in the stateside dnb scene, garnering releases on Canvas, Bassdrive, Human Imprint, and others, including Rawkus’ famed Raw.kuts imprint. Funny how, almost two decades after signing some of his earliest material to that label, the heads behind Patrol The Skies are back to let KC destroy your bassbins with his latest single. Kicking things off is the appropriately-titled “Blast Off,” a turbo-charged anthem that’s the perfect tune to start the party with. The flipside, “We Can Roll,” does just that, underscoring crisp drums with a thunderous low-end.

This two-packer is a welcome return to form for the dnb dynamo, as only the PTS squad can provide.


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For their next trick, Patrol the Skies keeps the momentum going via a double dose of high-octane dnb courtesy of Londoners Benny V and K-Warren. With warmer weather around the bend, and big drum & bass parties needing anthems to bash, these two cook up bright bangers like “You Know Me.” This number establishes itself early, letting the catchy melody and vocal chops elevate the dance. Perfect springtime gem. On the flip, “Open Your Eyes” rides a similar wave, but gets a bit deeper and hypnotic with its dominance.

Two beautiful sides of the same coin, courtesy of Benny V, K-Warren, and the overlords at Patrol the Skies.


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Back in 2002, a Houston, Texas-based duo known as arQer & Realtime took the drum & bass world by storm, netting releases on acclaimed imprints like DJ Trace’s DSCI4, the mighty Renegade Hardware, and even establishing their own label, Monkey Bizness. After spending over a decade apart from releasing material together, they reemerged via Patrol the Skies’ 2018 Holiday EP, which was the true calm before the storm. The duo, who still rep Texas to the fullest, have returned with a full length project, Crossroads, for the stateside dnb imprint.

Over the sprawling, 12-track opus, arQer and Realtime run the gamut of the drum & bass sound. For every gnarly banger like “Crawl Your Way Out” or “Salami Tactics,” you have hypnotic, dubwise numbers like “Bad Service” or vibes-laden numbers like “Incognito” to get you right. It’s as if these two, who burst onto the scene over 17 years ago, haven’t missed a step since splitting up.

Kicking off a new year, Patrol the Skies picked the right release to blaze the path with. arQer & Realtime bring a refreshing, vibrant feel back to the dnb scene. While the album might be called Crossroads, you can only hope that this is just the beginning of their journey, charging ahead for dnb souljahs here and beyond.


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Next up for Patrol The Skies is a ferocious four-tracker from North Carolina’s own Echo B. On Melted Edges, Echo produces an assortment of drum & bass styles, giving listeners and selectors alike slices of the variety of the scene.

The title track starts unassuming, but builds into a full-bodied roller that maintains its menace throughout. “Oculus” steps up the proceedings, mutating into a tech monster that grabs tight and won’t let go. On the earth-y “Sparks,” Echo builds a dense track featuring ghostly vocals that cut through the foggy funk. Batting clean-up is “Stalactites,” a cavernous anthem that blends vibes from the previous tracks into a higher octane winner.

If anything, Melted Edges highlights Echo B’s aptitude for crafting bangers of all shapes and sizes within the drum & bass scene. A true talent, and one that sits perfectly within the Patrol The Skies ethos….


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Fresh from his contribution to the THEM VIBES VOL.1 LP, Order Of Elim is back on Patrol The Skies Music with a brand new four track EP aptly named “Orbis Immortalem”

If you love rolling sci fi sounding drum and bass with a slice of neurofunk this one is for you.


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Patrol The Skies Music and Pish Posh Present: Them Vibes Vol.1.

Patrol the Skies with the A&R help of long time label friend and producer Pish Posh, is kicking off a new series with a compilation of 16 exclusive brand new tracks from some of America’s top producers!

From the atmospheric feels of Insaint on “Globetrotting” to the dance floor sounds of Vorheez , “Yearning – Give It To Me”, or the sophisticated vibes of Noisefloor & NVDR’s “Sleep”, there is a little bit of everything for everyone on this LP

The album also includes tracks by Pish Posh, Dfly, Krispe, MK2, Order Of Elim, Intrinzic, Until The Dawn feat Danielle Parente, Echo Brown and a guest appearance by Random Movement, whose remix of Noisefloor’s “My Heart ft Angel Stanford” has been getting a lot of love since it dropped on promo.

Make sure to download or stream it and listen to Them Vibes!

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As we gear up for the release of our next full length album entitled “Them Vibes”, a compilation of 16 dancy rollers, deep atmospheric numbers and sexy dancefloor bangers, we’re excited to present you with the album sampler comprised of two tracks off the album.

First up is Random Movement’s remix of Noisefloor’s “My Heart” featuring vocals by Angel Stanford. Heavy low-end bass, smooth breaks and a perfect rework of the vocals and original elements really stand out in this track. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

We then switch gears with “Globetrotting” by Insaint – a new artist gracing our label from the land of the Incas, Peru. A great example of proper atmospheric drum and bass, the tune boasts clean original jungle breaks, lush pads and well-placed synths and vocal samples throughout to have you dance the night away. We have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more from Insaint in the years to come.

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For our 36th release, Patrol The Skies Music is incredibly proud to present the newest single from anonymous powerhouse, Until The Dawn: We Are One People feat. Niclas Lundin and a massive remix by none other than Flite, fresh off his release on Monstercat!

Every once in while society plunges into dark and uncertain times, plagued by conflict, terror, discrimination and hatred. When all hope seems to be lost, we must keep the faith and unite. We must remember that all these divisive constructs of society such as class, religion, ethnicity, ideology are instituted to keep us apart in order to better control us. It is imperative that we remember that no matter where we come from….. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE!

With this in this mind, Until The Dawn set out to create an uplifting vocal track with a positive message, to remind us to set aside our differences and unite in the face of adversity!

We are also delighted and honored to have Flite on remix duties. One of drum and bass newest sensations take on the track is an engaging roller, spiced up with a superb synth solo after a festival ready breakdown. If you are familiar with Flite’s recent work you know what to expect! Flite tested his remix during his set at Liquicity Festival 2017 and everyone loved it! We guarantee you will too!

We Are One People has been making the rounds on dub for a while now but we are most excited to hear you play them, whether you choose the original or the remix, this is the track to play when you want to lift your audience to a new place of peace, love, unity and respect… #WeAreOnePeople

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Noisefloor is back with two smashing tracks that will make sounds systems worldwide tremble! First up is the dancefloor smasher “Find the Light”, this is the kind of tune you will hear all top DJ’s smash at the peak of their sets! The unsuspecting piano intro and uplifting vibes bring you into a false sense of security because when this one drops… you better run for cover!
Next up is “Roller”, another massive tune from the boys, this one starts off with a hip hop horn intro, dub accents, and scattered percussion until the bottom drops out and it’s all about the bass!
Make sure to get your hands on this release today.

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Patrol The Skies Music, is proud to present the debut single from Until The Dawn! UTD is by no means a newcomer to the electronic music scene. His other productions have garnered him a Grammy nomination, but because his focus has been on other genres, he wishes to keep his identity a secret!

Of course, any desire for anonymity will send the public in a frenzy to discover his true identity… but what’s truly important here is the music, and a massive track this is! “Supernatural” is a high octane, high impact dancefloor number reminiscent of the infectious sounds of The Prototypes and Sub Focus, with a cinematic intro and strong focus on melody! The ideal banger to blast in your car with the windows down on a hot summer day!

Keep an eye out for Until The Dawn, as we think you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in times to come!

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Patrol The Skies is excited to present three fresh cuts of Cinematic, Sci-Fi tinged Neurofunk from Noya!

His new EP Phaeton delivers on all fronts, whether you are into trance-inducing arpeggiated synth melodies and smooth spacewalk soundscapes or face-melting, bone-crushing salvos of mechanoid bass! Embark on a majestic journey to the Final Frontier on opening track “Phaeton” and prepare to be sucked into a crushing vortex of neuro-bass, which only intensifies on 2nd track “Black Hand”, which takes a few seconds to let you recuperate with the funk of chopped-up Amen breaks before hammering you with a metric ton of 30 Hz power! Noya also takes the time to show us his mellower side on closer “That Time”, an ethereal liquid funk number with enveloping pads and soothing soul vocals!

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Atlanta based Producer Vorheez brings his trademark heavy Neurofunk tear-out with his new single on Patrol The Skies: Leave No Trace / Mechanized!
Vorheez channels pure rage and chaos into weighty and atonal, yet complex sequences of mechanoid basses that are evocative of Djent metal, backed by devastating, punchy drums punctuated by rolling percussion. The atmospherics are kept to a minimum to bring all the focus to the relentless barrage of rhythmic elements.
Brace yourself for a double assault of concrete drums and hardened steel beams of bass that is sure to eradicate any dancefloor standing before it!

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The suspect is armed and extremely dangerous!” After a string of successful releases on UK labels in 2016, The Burner Brothers return home to Patrol The Skies for their first release of 2017. They delivered us a hard and heavy dance floor rinse-out! Armed and Dangerous will take you on a mind altering journey through the city streets of New York City. Super charged drums that are mashed up with hair-raising synths and bulky bass lines are finished off with 911 operator exchange samples. The result is a heart-pounding drum and bass banger that is guaranteed to take your sets to the next level.

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Various – Patrol The Underground LP

Patrol The Skies Music is delighted to present our 2nd LP “Patrol The Underground”, a unique collection of jungle tracks from the likes of Echtoo, Fineprint, Mixedmedia, Pish Posh, Rends, Stay Phresh and Will Miles.

While we usually cater to the darker end of the DnB spectrum, this VA LP’s raison d’être is to honor the styles from which the modern sounds and vibes of our genre evolved. It was also conceived to showcase some of the best producers pushing this timeless sound into 2017 and beyond!

Put on your Camo hat, hoodie, joggers and trainers and get ready to brock out to some of the most intense rollers, amen rinseouts and jump up since ’96! Pull up Selectah, Junglist Massive wit’ da PTSM Kru!

Buy or Stream here

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Noize Komplaint – Succubus / The Fallen

Fresh off their appearance on the massive Altered States LP, Noize Komplaint is teaming up with Patrol The Skies Music for the first time to unleash two dancefloor destroying bombs!

For the label’s milestone 30th release, the Los Angeles and Dallas based trio has crafted the dark and menacing neurofunk monsters Succubus and The Fallen.
With a sound that draws comparisons to the heavier stylings of the subgenre, these high-calibre cuts will bring ear-to-ear grins to any fans of labels like Eatbrain and Blackout Music NL.

Succubus is a devastating stomper with a brooding halftime intro and a dirty drop that almost veers into crossbreed territory. Think of Datsik and Excision’s classic work beefed up on steroids and sped up with concentrated nitrous oxide!

The Fallen is a heavy roller that mixes elements of jump up, drumstep and bad bwoï jungle and mutates them into a fierce and violent beast. In a time where formulaic music is gaining ground on all fronts, this lovechild of Annix, Teddy Killerz and Blade Runner most definitely breaks the mould… and the dancefloor as well!

Buy it here.
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Consouls – Dreamer ft. Daniel Hunter Jones – The Remix EP


After the success of Consouls‘ single “Dreamer” (featuring the vocal talents of Daniel Hunter Jones) from their debut EP “Preamble”, it was only right to honor it with a proper Remix EP.

We have recruited an amazing array of talent on remix duties! First up is the mighty LoKo (Ram/Viper Recordings) providing us with some upbeat, synth-wave laden dance floor vibes. Then Las Vegas producers Blacklab take the song into soulful territory with lush strings and jazzy arrangements. The original artists also linked up with Wraith for a killer VIP version, transforming it into a Memtrix-esque neurofunk monster of epic proportions! Bass producer Sullivan King rounds up the EP with a vicious Metal-infused EDM smash!

With these 4 unique interpretations, the “Dreamer” Remix EP caters to a broad range of tastes! These remixes are already infiltrating clubs across the country and getting support from some of the biggest DJ’s and Producers in the game!

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Signalfista – Black Square // No More ft. Mc Etiquette

Brace yourselves for some weighty neurofunk action with the Black Square // No More EP from Houston duo Signalfista. After a massive collaboration with Pish Posh on the Mayan Audio Summer 2016 LP, the boys are back on PTSM for their second release on the label and it is no walk in the park… Think more of a stroll through a minefield in a tank!
On the A side, Black Square will pummel you straight into the dancefloor right from its menacing tribal intro through to its punishing, yet mechanically precise drop! Striking a fine balance between Neuro aggressiveness and wild off-kilter Funk, this track will leave you craving for more!

Good thing it’s followed by No More, an equally heavy number from its first percussive impact, featuring MC Etiquette and his fast-paced delivery. The song’s razor-sharp, metallic bassline and furious live-sounding drums give it a visceral sense of urgency and power. Things get heavier and lock into a hypnotic groove on the second drop when the song goes in half time to deliver its final, violent, blow!

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The Burner Brothers vs Pish Posh ft. Mayor Apeshit – The Propaganda Bomb

Propaganda: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.. The state of our union is in disarray and it’s time for change.

The Propaganda Bomb is the explosive new collaboration from The Burner Brothers and Pish Posh featuring the vigilant vocal stylings of Mayor Apeshit. The track has a tense theatrical opening but quickly shifts gears as the Mayor steadily spits his cadence. All of this leads to an enormous build and raucous drop.

The Propaganda Bomb has an essence of old school jump-up jungle with a modern edge to it. With the current political climate being the way it is Mayor Apeshit’s call to arms can not be ignored.

This one is a must have in your sets in the ever important upcoming months. Rise up, drop that Propaganda Bomb!

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We went deep into the trenches of US DNB and found Holohedron with two techy-rollers in his possession. These two gems are definitely for the late night crew. The elegant yet moody vibes on “Always There”, the sharp drums, samples and overall composition on “Thinking Of You”, show Holohedron’s ability to capture your attention with his unique style. We had to have these tracks for the label. We recommend this release to all lovers of that pure drum and bass sound
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Noisefloor is back with two heavy hitting tracks that will rattle every sound system from coast to coast.

First up is the massive “Hiding in Plain Sight” a collaboration with NVDR a new producer that we are very excited about. This tune is not for the faint of heart, the melodies during the intro hit you right in the feels until the sharp drums roll in and bring you to the drop where twisting basslines and neuro vibes take over. This is one of the hardest tunes we have released from Noisefloor.

Next up is “Space Gutter”, another monster track by the boys, the lush atmospheric intro, shakers and arpeggiated tones do not prepare you for what hits you when it drops! A must for all dance floor djs! Noisefloor’s original take to drum and bass production makes them unique and interesting to listen to. They don’t follow any specific formulas and that is truly refreshing. We have a feeling Noisefloor will become household name here at Patrol The Skies Music.

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Order Of Elim stops by Patrol The Skies Music with a massive release. “Doors Of Perception Ft. Noya” starts with arpeggiated melodies until the rolling baseline and driving drums take over, the this one rolls out proper! This is one of our favorite releases on the label so we are hope you like it!. Order Of Elim follows it up with “Carrier Signal” a no holds barred heavy neurofunk stomper! One that will definitely resonate with all club dj’s.

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Picture 3 with logo

Patrol The Skies Music is proud to announce the arrival of Consouls. Artists like them are the reason why we started our label, it’s really fulfilling when an artist you believe in comes through with the type of output you can be proud of. From the first song “Dreamer Ft. Daniel Hunter Jones” which is an absolute dance floor smasher to the big festival vibes of “Lucid” to the harder techy sounds of “Night Terror” and the future Neuro vibes of “Psychosis Ft. J-Tec” this EP has a bit of something for all Drum and Bass heads. There are many artists who come and go but Consouls are here to stay.

Listen to the rest of the EP at the Patrol The Skies Soundcloud

Aphrodite – 9/10 – “YEAH MAN !!!”

D-Region & Code Code – 9/10 – “Feeling this release. Full on party dance floor business on Dreamer and a harder edge to Night Terror will be going straight in the bag. Will be supporting this in my Kool London show and in my club sets” – 7/10 “Wicked EP.”

Drum & Bass Arena (Carthage) – 8/10 – “sounds great. Like the pitch effects and the aggro. The vocals are great too.”

Drumsound & Bassline Smith (Simon) – 6/10 – “not bad!”

Loko – 9/10 –“Sick EP, Dreamer is the one though! Massive tune! Remixes need to happen with that tune!”  – 6/10 “It has that American EDM style Dancelfoor vibe on most these tracks. The best 2 re the title track which has a great breakdown but Night Terror with its less obvious hi end banger vibe is the best”



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We would like to introduce you to Legit, the newest member of the Patrol The Skies Music family.

Only at 25 years old, Legit is not a newbie when it comes to Drum and Bass, he got into sound at the tender age of 8 when he bought his first mixtape, his first vinyls & tape packs came at age 13 and his turntables at 16, when he truly became obsessed with the sound.

Slowly but surely he has perfected his craft and is finally ready to unleash his brand of D&B onto the world.

We look forward to watching this star rise and will provide him with as much support as possible since we truly believe in his talent and love for the sound!

Without further adieu we leave you with “Trubble” FREE to download from our soundcloud page.

for more info on Legit:
Legit on Soundcloud: @legitdnb
Legit on facebook:


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Americas Drum and Bass duo Liminal stops by Patrol The Skies music to drop the massive liquid funk anthem “Soul Ting”, this tune has been making the rounds on dub for a almost a year and has garnered the attention of all top DJ’s. Fans of the liquid sounds will fawn over this tune as well as anyone with an appreciation for the finer sounds of drum and bass, the classic hook in this tune will keep you dancing while the amazing drum sounds, patterns and bass that Liminal is known to deliver give this one the right amount of energy to take over the dance! A soon to be classic and must buy! Next is “Algorythm” where we find Liminal showing their deeper neurofunk side, another hit for the boys! This one will be loved by all fans of Liminal and their distinct sound. Overall both tunes are a must have!

Read what some legends had to say about “Soul Ting” :

“Picture sitting poolside with a blunt in one hand and an icy cold drink in the other, as scantily clad babes writhe in lust to this one”- Reid Speed. Play Me Records.

“It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good vocal samle so this tune is right up my street. Awesome summer vibes from the Liminal boys, proving they really can come up with the goods across a whole range of styles. Big tings” – DJ Dara. Breakbeat Science

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HammerZz has been a constant driving force in the US DNB scene, beginning as a DJ and Promoter in the late 90’s. His recording career began with a handful of releases as a member of the D&B trio Kryteria. HammerZz has a style all his own and a skill set that rivals some of the top DJs in the world. For his debut on Patrol The Skies we present to you the “Divided EP”. Four seriously crafted drum and bass tracks designed for ultimate auditory satisfaction. The title track starts with eerie sci-fi sounds when a “United We Stand Divided We Fall” vocal sample comes in and you know you are in for it! Heavy synths and rolling baseline make this one a favorite amongst DJ’s worldwide. Next up is his collaboration with Autopsy, “Tidal Friction”, the hard-hitting synths and gritty bass sounds on this track make this a full on stomper, definitely one to drop in the club! After the full on assault to the senses of “Tidal Friction” HammerZz drops two techy rollers, “Checkmate” and “Rockafella” which round up this debut release nicely. “The Divided EP” showcases HammerZz sound at its rawest and most exciting, this producer is one to keep your eyes on, because there is no stopping him!

Read what some legends in the game had to say about it!

Optiv- “HammerZz is definitely one to watch! Go check his track Divided!”

Ak1200: “HammerZz absolutely banging it out on this new 4 tracker. Heavyweight Sounds!!!”

Distributed By Symphonic Distribution

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Glitch is back with two smackers that are sure to please all real drum and bass heads. “The Precipice” opens with a nice melody and a vocal that makes this one feel like a classic from the start, once the synths hit, you can feel Glitch unleash his inner beast and this one turns into a proper dance floor banger! On “Inevitability” Glitch goes full neuro vibes and does not hold back, from the epic intro to the syncopated drumming and crunching baselines this tune is not to be slept on! DJ’s rejoice, the future sounds are here! Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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Intrinzic is influenced by many styles from all over the musical spectrum. For his highly anticipated debut on Patrol The Skies Music, Intrinzic has delivered two slick numbers aimed at the dance floor. “2077” hooks you from the start with its shuffled breaks, morphing synths and moving bassline! Serious rolling Neurofunk pressure on this one! A DJ’s favorite! On “Digital Jazz” Intrinzic’s use of an entrancing vocal sample, house style hits, wet nasty synths, perfectly placed arpeggiated sounds and clean bassline make you appreciate the passion he has for his craft. Not tied to one style, Intrinzic is definitely an emerging talent and we are thrilled to have him on the label! Watch this space! Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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We would like to welcome SST, an old friend and amazing talent to the Patrol The Skies universe. First up is the aptly named “Klanger Banger”. Ripping stabs, synths and great drum work carry this tune right thru the Dance. Heavy Future vibes! On the next cut, he hooks up with old partner Glitch and deliver the Dancefloor destroyer “Angel’s Sin”, the perfect use of the sample “God Does Not Spare Angel’s When They Sin” sets the tone and helps bring the ruckus! Sick call and response synths, well placed stabs, techy percussion, clean punchy drums and bass are what this tune is about! A must for all DJs and Drum and Bass fans Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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Fresh Kicks is the latest from NYC powerhouse The Burner Brothers. Amped up arpeggiators and huge kicks build to a frenzy before the crushing blow of the bass drop. The transitions from section to section take you on an epic journey before the breakdown comes at you twice as hard as the first. Get ready to “drop the bass!”

Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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Free Download – The Burner Brothers Ft. Ginn Doll – Saints of New York

The Burner Brothers debuted this tune at the Saints Of New York party that celebrated 20 years of Drum and Bass in New York City , this is their ode to the New York scene where they made their name and continue to slay as often as possible!  We hope you like this one and play it in your sets! A huge shout to Ginn Doll for lending her beautiful voice for this track!  We look forward to their next collaboration! Get this one now free from our soundcloud page but following the link below.

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The Burner Brothers – Rave Til Dawn. Out Now!

EDM festival season may be coming to a close for the year but The Burner Brothers are keeping the spirit alive with the release of “Rave Til Dawn”. The latest single from the NYC D&B kingpins is a combination of main stage melodies and back room bass frequencies. Infectious synths keep the momentum as a hypnotic vocal line weaves it’s way in and out of the builds. The result is a catchy Drum and Bass opus that is equally pleasing to the big room raver as it is to the hardcore junglist.

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Pish Posh – Nothing Matters ft Joe Philips. // Battle Taurus

Pish Posh is back on the scene with two serious stormers right out of the gate! “Nothing Matters” is a true sing along anthem featuring amazing vocals by Joe Philips of Dylan Goes Electric. Great drum workout, wicked long bass and Pish Posh’s notorious techy jump up sound wrap this one up lovely! “Nothing Matters” has been making the rounds on the sets of Americas top djs and it is tearing down the dance! A must have for all DJ’s and fans! That brings us to the magnificent “Battle Taurus” where we find Pish Posh going for that gritty sound we have come to expect from his productions. Rolling breaks, heavy, heavy sub bass, sci fi vocal samples and dirty synths make this one a certified BANGER! We are stoked to have Pish Posh back and stronger than ever

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Silent Killer & The Burner Brothers – Vengeance Exclusive stream thru

Fresh off his recent release with the almighty Dj Dara on Herd Killing Recordings, Silent Killer needs no introduction and on “Vengeance” he hooks up with Patrol The Skies head honchos, The Burner Brothers for a dark and heavy Drum & Bass banger. This dark and techy stomper brings out the best qualities of each artist. Whether you’re a fan of the Herd Killing camp or love to Patrol The Skies this release should definitely be in your crate.

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Glitch (Jason Selden) was part of the first wave of American neurofunk Dnb artists to emerge in the early 2000’s. He’s released singles on Habit, Nemesis, Bad chemistry, Ohm resistance, DSCI4 to name a few, working under the alias The Chosen alongside Genr8 and SST.
Now after a short break from producing Drum & Bass, Glitch is back with two amazingly crafted futuristic Neurofunk smashers. First up is “Orange Sunshine” where you will find Glitch flexing his D&B muscle providing precision drums, intricate production and everlasting changes to this neurofunk masterpiece and with the forward thinking “Spring Fling”, Glitch bless us with a future funk banger that is guaranteed to smash the dance!
We at Patrol The Skies Music, are thrilled to have Glitch back in the scene providing inspiration for future American Drum and Bass artists again!

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Realtime – Vibe Provider EP – Out Now

Having released singles on labels like DSCI4, Hard:Edged & his own Monkey Business with longtime friend Arqer, Realtime is no stranger to the scene. His career expands over 10 years and we are excited for his debut on Patrol The Skies Music.
The Vibe Provider EP, displays Realtime’s ability to write haunting melodies that bounce back and forward between masterfully written drums, dark rugged synths, arpeggiated sounds and baselines that infuse intense energy into each and every track on this EP.
The title track Vibe Provider will fit in every ones sets, the robotic vocal builds the momentum of this tune into a smasher! Jail Famous is a straight up and down gritty roller; this one will have you nodding your head in a serious way! The Greys has a sci-fi groove with crazy arpeggios that move in and out through the synths, bass and drums. Don’t look!! The Greys are watching! Dub Siren rounds up this EP, here Realtime goes back to basics and finds that raw energy we all love in our drum and bass! Its great to have Realtime in the fold and look forward to more output from him in the future.

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Dylan Goes Electric – The New Regime – Out Now

Dylan Goes Electric comes from the minds of CT Burners (Burner Brothers / Prospectors) and Joe Philips (Touch The Clouds) two talented producers who came together with the purpose of making a timeless album that could rock a dance floor and appeal to everyone from the underground and above. With their first album “The New Regime” Dylan Goes Electric has achieved its goal by blending some of the hottest genres in music together. Killer Dubstep beats, intricate synths, huge basslines, Rock style vocals by Joe Philips himself and lyrical dexterity by MC Armanni Reign(currently on tour with Andy C) & T.R.A.C from recent V Recordings fame round up this release. “The New Regime” is one of those albums that will stand the test of time and will catapult Dylan Goes Electric into the stratosphere and into the speakers of lovers of good music worldwide.
Complex Magazines’ Do Androids Dance Blog said about “Could’ve Been Something Ft. Armanni Reign” – “With the fuel-injected sound of dance music making so many inroads into mainstream media, it’s amazing that we don’t find more tracks from within the scene incorporating outside sounds. Looking for something different? This is right up your alley. Grab this…”

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Whats up everyone, very happy to say that  we have follow up singles coming your way from MOTF, Noisefloor and The Burner Brothers, we are also proud to announce that the Dylan Goes Electric full length album is finished and will be out late April,  we are also working on an amazing free give away for all fans of the man like Pish Posh so keep checking back for that!  Once we get the year going we will be very busy, so this is a warning… this is a warning, warning, warning wooooooaaaahhhhhh!

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The Burner Brothers – Wall to Wall EP – Available Now


NYC’s duo the Burner Brothers are back with a four track EP of dancefloor smashers that are sure to please. Starting with the massive bassline sounds of “The Vulture” a tune that’s already causing damage in the hands of top selectors worldwide, to their collaboration on the Neurofunk roller “Fully Bulletproof” with one of NYC’s finest MC’s Digga Bruck Shot; the Burner Brothers show they mean business. Rounding up this energetic release are the bass heavy title track “Wall to Wall,” a tune guaranteed to shake every bass bin in the club and the dark & dangerous “You Can’t Escape The Fire” one for the hard stepping Drum and Bass crew! This EP is a must have for all lovers of the dancefloor sound!

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Noisefloor – My Heart Feat. Angel Stanford // Safehouse Feat. CutthroatKid – OUT NOV. 29



Here at the Patrol the Skies Music are very excited to add Noisefloor to the ongoing history of the label, up first we are giving the almighty “My Heart” a proper release. Strictly for the sexy dancefloor crew! Great soulful vocals, amazing musicality and substance.  This tune will please all lovers of good music! Everybody get ready to grab a partner and pull up to the dance!

For their follow up Noisefloor teams up with CutthroatKid for the dancefloor smasher “Safehouse”, unsuspecting stabby intro with a bit of  amen  breaks spread around lush dark synths builds into a drop that hits with maximum drum and bass pressure, the bass and synth work on this one will knock you of your feet!

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