Fresh Kicks is the latest from NYC powerhouse The Burner Brothers. Amped up arpeggiators and huge kicks build to a frenzy before the crushing blow of the bass drop. The transitions from section to section take you on an epic journey before the breakdown comes at you twice as hard as the first. Get ready to “drop the bass!”

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Free Download – The Burner Brothers Ft. Ginn Doll – Saints of New York

The Burner Brothers debuted this tune at the Saints Of New York party that celebrated 20 years of Drum and Bass in New York City , this is their ode to the New York scene where they made their name and continue to slay as often as possible!  We hope you like this one and play it in your sets! A huge shout to Ginn Doll for lending her beautiful voice for this track!  We look forward to their next collaboration! Get this one now free from our soundcloud page but following the link below.

The Burner Brothers – Rave Til Dawn. Out Now!

EDM festival season may be coming to a close for the year but The Burner Brothers are keeping the spirit alive with the release of “Rave Til Dawn”. The latest single from the NYC D&B kingpins is a combination of main stage melodies and back room bass frequencies. Infectious synths keep the momentum as a hypnotic vocal line weaves it’s way in and out of the builds. The result is a catchy Drum and Bass opus that is equally pleasing to the big room raver as it is to the hardcore junglist.

Pish Posh – Nothing Matters ft Joe Philips. // Battle Taurus

Pish Posh is back on the scene with two serious stormers right out of the gate! “Nothing Matters” is a true sing along anthem featuring amazing vocals by Joe Philips of Dylan Goes Electric. Great drum workout, wicked long bass and Pish Posh’s notorious techy jump up sound wrap this one up lovely! “Nothing Matters” has been making the rounds on the sets of Americas top djs and it is tearing down the dance! A must have for all DJ’s and fans! That brings us to the magnificent “Battle Taurus” where we find Pish Posh going for that gritty sound we have come to expect from his productions. Rolling breaks, heavy, heavy sub bass, sci fi vocal samples and dirty synths make this one a certified BANGER! We are stoked to have Pish Posh back and stronger than ever

Silent Killer & The Burner Brothers – Vengeance Exclusive stream thru

Fresh off his recent release with the almighty Dj Dara on Herd Killing Recordings, Silent Killer needs no introduction and on “Vengeance” he hooks up with Patrol The Skies head honchos, The Burner Brothers for a dark and heavy Drum & Bass banger. This dark and techy stomper brings out the best qualities of each artist. Whether you’re a fan of the Herd Killing camp or love to Patrol The Skies this release should definitely be in your crate.


Glitch (Jason Selden) was part of the first wave of American neurofunk Dnb artists to emerge in the early 2000’s. He’s released singles on Habit, Nemesis, Bad chemistry, Ohm resistance, DSCI4 to name a few, working under the alias The Chosen alongside Genr8 and SST.
Now after a short break from producing Drum & Bass, Glitch is back with two amazingly crafted futuristic Neurofunk smashers. First up is “Orange Sunshine” where you will find Glitch flexing his D&B muscle providing precision drums, intricate production and everlasting changes to this neurofunk masterpiece and with the forward thinking “Spring Fling”, Glitch bless us with a future funk banger that is guaranteed to smash the dance!
We at Patrol The Skies Music, are thrilled to have Glitch back in the scene providing inspiration for future American Drum and Bass artists again!

Realtime – Vibe Provider EP – Out Now

Having released singles on labels like DSCI4, Hard:Edged & his own Monkey Business with longtime friend Arqer, Realtime is no stranger to the scene. His career expands over 10 years and we are excited for his debut on Patrol The Skies Music.
The Vibe Provider EP, displays Realtime’s ability to write haunting melodies that bounce back and forward between masterfully written drums, dark rugged synths, arpeggiated sounds and baselines that infuse intense energy into each and every track on this EP.
The title track Vibe Provider will fit in every ones sets, the robotic vocal builds the momentum of this tune into a smasher! Jail Famous is a straight up and down gritty roller; this one will have you nodding your head in a serious way! The Greys has a sci-fi groove with crazy arpeggios that move in and out through the synths, bass and drums. Don’t look!! The Greys are watching! Dub Siren rounds up this EP, here Realtime goes back to basics and finds that raw energy we all love in our drum and bass! Its great to have Realtime in the fold and look forward to more output from him in the future.

Dylan Goes Electric – The New Regime – Out Now

Dylan Goes Electric comes from the minds of CT Burners (Burner Brothers / Prospectors) and Joe Philips (Touch The Clouds) two talented producers who came together with the purpose of making a timeless album that could rock a dance floor and appeal to everyone from the underground and above. With their first album “The New Regime” Dylan Goes Electric has achieved its goal by blending some of the hottest genres in music together. Killer Dubstep beats, intricate synths, huge basslines, Rock style vocals by Joe Philips himself and lyrical dexterity by MC Armanni Reign(currently on tour with Andy C) & T.R.A.C from recent V Recordings fame round up this release. “The New Regime” is one of those albums that will stand the test of time and will catapult Dylan Goes Electric into the stratosphere and into the speakers of lovers of good music worldwide.
Complex Magazines’ Do Androids Dance Blog said about “Could’ve Been Something Ft. Armanni Reign” – “With the fuel-injected sound of dance music making so many inroads into mainstream media, it’s amazing that we don’t find more tracks from within the scene incorporating outside sounds. Looking for something different? This is right up your alley. Grab this…”